Business & Personal Loans: Solved
Mark Alexion: 0417 762 666 Chris Alexion: 0422 040 769
Mark Alexion: 0417 762 666
Chris Alexion: 0422 040 769
Business & Personal Loans: Solved
Mark Alexion: 0417 762 666 Chris Alexion: 0422 040 769
Mark Alexion: 0417 762 666 Chris Alexion: 0422 040 769
Mark Alexion: 0417 762 666
Chris Alexion: 0422 040 769
Specialising in: Equipment Finance | Commercial Property | Car Finance
Grow your business and get the right finance package with ProComm Finance
Everyone knows ready access to capital is the most important aspect to growing and scaling

ProComm Finance have established long term relationships with the best lenders to negotiate the best deal for you, using our years of experience in the finance and brokerage industry. If you need new plant and equipment to grow your business, speak to ProComm Finance about your requirements and our business finance specialists can quickly broker a competitive deal for you.

Our range of equipment finance services consist of the following:

Chattel Mortgage
Chattel Mortgages or Lease? Either way, ProComm Finance will put the same process in place to cater to your individual requirements. Revolving Limits are set up for those businesses with continual acquisitions to streamline the finance process and afford a degree of comfort for future planning. Master documentation can also be set up for ease of use.

ProComm Finance can assist you with a finance lease with lease rentals structured to suit your cashflow, industry and seasonal income to give a tax effective equipment finance package.

Finance Lease is the most common form of equipment finance lease agreement with great flexibility and strategic tax incentives.

Equipment Rentals
ProComm Finance is a leader in the small ticket equipment finance field, supplying finance to businesses for office equipment, coffee machines, technical equipment and IT equipment from as low as $3,000.

Speak to ProComm Finance about a range of finance solutions we can offer, tailored to your budget

Trade Finance
Trade finance involves financial instruments and products designed to facilitate international trade. It includes services like letters of credit, export financing, and insurance to mitigate the risks associated with cross-border transactions. For goods purchased overseas.

Commercial Loan
A Commercial Loan is a fixed-sum loan repaid in regular installments over a set period.

It's used for specific purposes such as business expansion, equipment purchase, or capital investments.

An overdraft is a short-term borrowing facility where the account balance can go below zero. It provides flexibility for businesses to manage temporary cash flow gaps.

Line of Credit
A Line of Credit is a flexible loan that allows borrowers to draw funds up to a predefined limit. Interest is only paid on the amount borrowed, providing financial flexibility.

Capital Raising
Capital Raising involves obtaining funds to finance business activities or projects. It can be achieved through methods like issuing stocks, bonds, or seeking loans.

Leases involve renting an asset for a specified period, with the lessee paying regular payments to the lessor. At the end of the lease term, the lessee may have the option to purchase the asset.

Sale and Lease back
Sale and Lease Back is a financial transaction where an asset that has been purchased for expediency can be ‘sold’ to the financier and then ‘leased back’ to take advantage of finance terms.

Rentals involve paying a fee for the temporary use of an asset, such as equipment or property. It differs from a lease in that it's typically short-term and may not offer the option to purchase.


Specialising in: Equipment Finance | Commercial Property | Car Finance
ProComm Finance work with the leading financial institutions
Some of the lenders we use and recommend include:
Insurance Funding
Insurance premium funding enables you to pay your annual insurance premiums over time allowing your working capital to stay in your business.
About Us
Our team are acutely aware that our clients not only need the solutions to their finance needs but they want, and deserve, the highest level of service.
Rural Property
Whether investing or running the business yourself, income producing rural properties are considered specialised commercial properties.
Investment Property
ProComm Finance have built long term relationships with different lenders that have their own criteria to determine eligibility for a loan.
Speak to ProComm Finance about your business or personal loan requirements
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Mark Alexion:
0417 762 666
Chris Alexion:
0422 040 769

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